Mobility and Portability in the Enterprise: The battle for supremacy

The battle for supremacy in the land of the tablets and smart phones has reached boiling point. The war is being fought by the Google Droids with partners formed across the broad spectrum of cool device manufacturers; Google has also upped the ante on Apple by releasing the Honey Comb for Tablets. Apple has iPad2, a device with jaw dropping features and sleekness unrivalled in the industry. No one has been able to match Apple’s pricing.

In order not to be left out, Microsoft has partnered with Nokia, whose fortune has been dwindling since the advent of the iPhone. RIM is threatened and there have been new releases of the smart phone and a tablet. HP will focus on WebOS and will also include this as an alternative OS in new laptops. Intel is looking for a new partner for MeeGo since being ditched by Nokia.

The landscape is fragmented; the future looks like a Droid and Windowy world. Will Apple be able to continue to innovate at this current pace or will other manufacturers be licensed to use the Apple iOS? Could HP’s WebOS be the dark horse?

How do you back the right horse as an IT Strategist when creating your roadmap? Well, the key factors to consider in this battle of supremacy will be:

  • Ease of use of the products.
  • Security.
  • Availability of applications.
  • Support from widely adopted systems management / mobile device management products.
  • The mix of devices supporting the OS.
  • Ease of developing applications that will be useful in enterprises.

I will review this again in 2015 to see who the winners are, but it looks like a “Droidian” future.

Updated 18 August 2011:
HP’s webOS is dead as announced today 18 August, 2011; it has occurred long before 2015. Who will be the next victim?


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