Locking an application into the cache in App-V stand-alone mode

By default, users without administrative privileges are able to lock applications into the App-V cache as characterised by the default value of “1″ for the LockApp value in the registry. The problem with giving users the privilege to lock applications into the App-V cache when you are running in the App-V stand-alone mode (with the App-V application deployed using the automatically generated MSI) is the inability to deploy a script to merely uninstall the application without unlocking the application. Attempting to remove / uninstall the application whilst locked will generate the error “The application cannot be removed because it is locked in cache. Unlock the application first, and then delete it.”

Although, the “SFTMIME UNLOCK APP:application” command can be deployed to unlock applications before running msiexec /uninstall, why perform a task with 2 commands if the same can be achieved using 1 command? In addition, if the System Administrator or App-V Administrator will unlock before uninstalling, why grant users the privileges to lock in the first instance.

When operating in stand-alone mode, configure the “LockApp” value in the “Permissions” sub-key to “0”.

N.B.: Administrators will still be able to lock App-V applications into cache.


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