Uninstalling MSI deployed App-V applications

Following on from my blog “Locking an application in cache in App-V stand-alone mode”, I have also observed that there may be occasions when the MSI wrapper is removed without the deletion the App-V package from the App-V cache. There are many reasons this may happen including: applications that may have been locked in the cache or simply due to the failure of the uninstallation process (caused by failure of the custom action deleting the App-V package).

Unfortunately, when this occurs, the MSI wrapper is still removed leaving an “orphaned” App-V package in the cache i.e. An App-V package installed through an MSI but which can no longer be removed using the MSI.  The problem with this behaviour is your enterprise software delivery tool will still report a status of success for the uninstall process, which is inaccurate and misleading.

This behaviour is totally unacceptable and the fix for this is to use the SFTMIME DELETE PACKAGE:”name” command to delete the package first, before using the Windows Installer command MSIEXEC /X “PRODUCT CODE” to remove the MSI wrapper.


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