The case of the “ghost” SID in the App-V Management Console (Error code: 0000B004)

There seems to be many reasons why you might come across the error message presented below when using the App-V Management Console:

However, this discussion is focused on the one described by Microsoft in  Microsoft’s description of this error is: “When you try to use the Microsoft Application Virtualization Server Management Console to remove group assignments for an Active Directory group that has already been deleted, the removal fails together with the 0000B004 error code.”  Microsoft provides a hotfix for this error if you are running 4.5 Sp1.

If your question is what do I do if I am currently running the latest version of the App-V Management Server i.e. 4.5 SP2? Well, again this version includes the hotfix (KB980850) and this issue should not be seen. If you  still have issues despite running App-V 4.5 SP2 or you are unwilling to go through the change management hoops involved when deploying a hotfix  (assuming you are running 4.5 SP1) to a critical application in your enterprise,  go to the Application Assignment Table in your App-V DB (data store) and delete the “ghost” entry.

Thanks to Vijay ( for sharing the error and also testing this approach.


One Response to The case of the “ghost” SID in the App-V Management Console (Error code: 0000B004)

  1. Vijay Vanbakkam says:

    Hi Femi

    To complete the removal of the ghost SID manually,

    goto the APPVIRT database in the SQL server hosting it.

    Execute the following Query:

    WHERE id = 979

    ID for this now deleted AD group can be found by adjtsing the Views which displays all the IDs.
    After this Query is run, we can make changes to the Access tab



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