Onlive Desktop: Is it indicative of a demand for Microsoft’s Operating System on Tablets?

It is no longer news that Microsoft is indeed struggling in the tablet ecosystem due to the lack of a suitable and compatible operating system for tablets. The fundamental issues have been the power requirements for Microsoft’s operating systems and the touch incapability.

Apple’s current lead with her iPad product looks unassailable, with over 40 million devices sold since the product release almost 2 years ago. However, the successful debut of the Onlive Desktop service, which provides Microsoft Powerpoint, Excel and Word through a “cloud” instance of Windows 7 to iPad users is indicative of a demand for applications that run on the Windows platform by tablet users. In fact, Onlive had to postpone the release date of the Onlive Desktop due to unexpected voluminous demand for the service.

The release of Windows 8 is an opportunity for Microsoft to claim some territory from Apple and Google in the tablet world.  Although tablets are yet to penetrate enterprises due to manageability concerns and availability of enterprise applications, having a Windows tablet with an ability to port enterprise desktop applications will be a winner, as seen in the demand for the Onlive Desktop, which currently offers just Microsoft PowerPoint, Excel and Word.


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