Oh Vista, Oh Vista

Your arrival was meant to be a joy
Rather you wreaked havoc wherever you went
You came to replace your sibling
But the world had profound fondness for your sibling

It is less than two years before your sibling will be euthanized
But the world is still clinging on to your sibling
Less than two years after you arrived
The world wanted you to be euthanized

Before you could revamp your image
You had been sentenced to death row
You appealed for a retrial, but your supporters knew you had no chance
Oh Vista, Oh Vista…whenever you go, rest in peace


2 Responses to Oh Vista, Oh Vista

  1. Thanks for your comments. I can see you are a Vista fan, with a blog dedicated to Vista! I understand your views, but perhaps making it more objective would have been useful.

    So what’s your perspective on XP vs Vista vs Windows 7 vs Windows 8?

    • maza20 says:

      I’m sorry. I said it was a disappointment because I had looked for ‘Why Vista failed’ and this was one of the articles in the list.

      Would you please repeat the question?
      Thank you for your time.

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