Action Learning…in action

I have no data to prove whether it is human nature to want to solve all problems presented to us, even when we do not have the experience or knowledge. However, as a trained engineer and practising computer scientist, it goes without saying that our role is to fundamentally solve problems. So how does this fit into the world of action learning, where your role has a participant is to listen and then ask questions the presenter might find useful in order to solve their own problems.

From my experience, I can only say the more you practise the role of asking questions only (and not proffer solutions), the better you will become. I have also observed that the more you are qualitatively questioned on your issue, the more insight you have which can only lead you to solutions you may never had thought of.

Overall, it is a methodology which seems to work and the only way you can realise the benefits is by comparing solutions developed using action learning and the ones without.


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