ELUDAaR: Getting the most out of any conversation

Listening has been described as the most important business skill of all (Ferrari, 2012). Ferrari in his book and also corroborated by other authors reckon effective listening is very fundamental to achieving and sustaining personal and business performances that beats the competition.

Listening is something we all engage in, whether at home or at work. Our day-to-day activities involve some elements of listening. However, the effectiveness of our listening can be severely affected by a host of factors e.g. mental fatigue, physical fatigue, and lack of interest etcetera. Various researchers have investigated the art of listening with articles published to reflect their understanding of what can make someone become an effective listener.

From my experiences thus far, personal and with colleagues, the acronym “ELUDAaR” – Engage, Listen, Understand, Deconstruct, Assumptions and Respond effectively summarises how we have been able to improve overall personal and business performances through an understanding of how to ensure that the outcomes from conversations are understood  and subsequent actions that are taken reflect the expected and desired intentions.

ELUDAaR has served us well and the key tenets of the concept for us are as described below:


A non-directional cycle has been intentionally used because each stage has equal significance.

This is a work in progress.  Any comment or interested parties who want to adopt it and provide feedback will be appreciated.


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