Is there a correlation between the quality of food served in an organisation’s restaurant and organisational performance?

The Technology, Dotcom, Hedge Funds and Private Equity organisations are well renowned for providing quite “luxury” meals for their staffs. Google is quite famous for this, however, there  was a recent attempt by the State of California to tax this perceived “benefit”…yes, the State seems to be on the cusp of  a financial melt down, so any source of tax revenue will do.

Organisations that offer this “benefit” would have noticed a positive benefit to doing this, otherwise, why would they continue offering it?  The following authors, Stanley A. Deetz & Sarah J. Tracy & Jennifer Lyn Simpson in Leading Organizations Through Transition: Communication and Cultural Change asserted that “managing the hearts, minds, and souls of employees is a key element of building a successful business today”.

The poll below is an attempt to gauge interest and explore if there is a perceived correlation before commissioning further work.


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