A social media start-up (currently in stealth mode) requires an editor.

A social media start-up (currently in stealth mode) requires an editor.

The mission of the start-up is to be the number one portal in Anglophone Africa. Funding has recently been secured for a launch date of Q2 2014.

The editor will be a key member of the senior management.  Some of the requirements of the role are detailed below:

  • The editor will assist in the overall growth of the web portal.
  • The editor will manage the contents of the portal.
  • The editor will commission columnists to write articles (send out briefs to columnists and set deadline for submission).
  • The editor will be required to generate thought-provoking questions for one of the key services.
  • Must have proven experience.
  • Must have excellent command of English Language – Written and spoken.
  • Must be an excellent communication skills.
  • Must be open-minded and recipient to all views.
  • Must be a sociable person.
  • Must have networking skills.
  • Must be a prolific writer with proven extensive writing experience.
  • Must be a wide reader.
  • Must be an unbiased editor without any political, social, religious agenda to promote.
  • A keen researcher.
  • Must have good project management skills.
  • Must be passionate about related issues.
  • Must have a strong social DNA.
  • Must have basic IT skills.


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