Strategy consulting opportunity with a gym operator

A strategy consulting opportunity with a gym operator is available for the right candidate.

My client, a gym operator is seeking to engage the services of a strategy consultant who can help the organisation on strategy formulation. The gym operator is operating in one of the most challenging industries with falling revenues, the rise of national budget operators, the rise of the pay as you go model, the rise of the health and fitness applications, various bootcamps from personal trainers, falling income, savviness of  consumers etc.

The last 3 years has indeed been very challenging for my client. My client is now seeking to review her strategy with a view to either repositioning herself in the industry or exiting the industry.

The right candidate will be expected to provide a strategic insight into the following:

  • Decline in membership. Is there a pattern or trend?
  • Impact of fitness and health applications on membership. How can these be harnessed in order to improve customer satisfaction? Has the influx of these applications had a “Uber” style effect on membership subscription, attendance and subscription?
  • Services / Products. What services and products can be introduced in order to arrest the decline in membership? Can we really differentiate ourselves by offering customisation? What will be the impact of customisation on our cost profile?
  • Pay as you go model. Is the pay as you go model a viable subscription model?

This will suit a strategy consultant with retail, marketing, health or leisure industry experience. A freshly minted MBA with a strategy bias from a  top business school may also apply.

The engagement is expected to last a period of 9 weeks. Please state the cost of your services for the entire duration of the engagement.


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