Enteprise mobility management: The last frontier in enduser and endpoint management

IT executives and managers like control; since the very early days of computers, executives and managers have preoccupied themselves with being able to control and secure access. Can anyone blame them for this preoccupation; in fact, with the growth in attacks and the number of bad guys looking to steal corporate data (information) there is indeed more justification for this preoccupation.

With the explosion of mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, laptops; watch out for other IoT devices that will start connecting to corporate networks soon) and their use in the enterprise, managing those devices constitute a new paradigm.

Gartner has an excellent paper on “Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Mobility Management Suites”. The attached whitepaper takes the work further and discusses the implementation of the solutions, comparing and contrasting the solutions. The whitepaper will be useful for those mainly interested in a proof of technology (POT) or proof of concept (POC).

Note: Only vendors in the “LEADERS” quadrant of Gartner’s (June 2004) publication are included in the whitepaper. The vendors are: MobileIron, AirWatch, IBM, Good Technology and Citrix.

The great guys at PQR have also updated their smackdown series; you will find one for enterprise mobility management.


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