What is the most common application issue encountered when migrating to Windows 7?


Top 20 application issues in Windows 7 migrations

Applications are the most essential pieces of the jigsaw in an operating system migration / upgrade project. Your business or users will not accept having malfunctioning or broken applications due to you replacing the operating system no matter how cutting edge the OS is, or even if there is a reduction in the cost of desktop and application management post-migration. Most business processes are dependent on applications and the migration of these applications have to be carefully planned in order to prevent unhappy and dissatisfied customers.

Here is a list of the common application issues encountered during Windows 7 migrations:

  1. Applications with 32 bit drivers (if migrating to the 64-bit version of Windows 7)
  2. Applications with licensing issues (licenses tied to specific hardware)
  3. Applications with dependencies on IE6 or IE7
  4. Applications without installation instructions
  5. Applications without vendor installation source files
  6. Multiple versions of the same application
  7. Applications used across multiple business units without any ownership
  8. Applications with launch conditions preventing installation on Windows 7
  9. Applications provided by vendors who are now out of business
  10. Applications not used in the last 90 days, 180 days or 365 days day
  11. Multiple applications serving the same business processes
  12. Applications using the old help file format (.hlp)
  13. Inadequate information on application dependencies and prerequisites
  14. Hard coded paths to deprecated locations
  15. Applications with 16-bit components (if migrating to the 64-bit version of Windows 7)
  16. Out of support applications
  17. Compatibility with Microsoft Office or similar productivity suites e.g. Google Apps, Zoho, Open Office etc.
  18. Applications dependent on Microsoft .net framework 1.1 (if migrating to the 64-bit version of Windows 7)
  19. Multiple Oracle clients
  20. Applications dependent on functionalities deprecated in Windows 7 e.g. Session 0, version check on launch etc.

The list presented herein is not exhaustive, however they are the common ones you would come across.

Note: The issues have not been presented in any order.

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